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Josh Kidd grew up in the London working class and studied method acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, whose graduates include Al Pacino and Robert de Niro. After his studies at the Institute, Josh worked closely with teacher and actress Roberta Wallach. There, he developed his own style of acting, incorporating the poetry of his London upbringing with the energy of his New York training.


He has starred in multiple independent films including “Let It Go,” which premiered at Portobello Film Festival and crime drama “Mondays,” which won Best Film at the Hollywood Verge Film Awards and Josh picked up the Best Leading Actor Award for his role of Mickey.


In 2017, Josh played one of the lead roles in the Warner Brothers' pilot, "Searchers”. Following his work on a commercial production of this scale, Kidd quickly realized that this was not the type of career that he wanted. He boldly decided to take a step back from the industry and has now turned his attention to creating his own films, working in the theatre, teaching, and writing children’s books. He is excited about these new ways of expressing, developing and sharing his inspiration and creativity across a broad spectrum of audiences.


Josh recently directed “Wirelines” and “On Your Own Time,” which are both set to have a festival release in 2019.

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Maria Mercedes Galuppo is a New York based actress, singer and dancer from Venezuela, trained at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.


Her acting work spans from television shows like ID Network’s  “Stalked” , Telemundo’s demo for “Betty in NY”  where she played Ugly Betty, to theater shows like Chekhov's  “Uncle Vanya”  and the one woman show  “Salsa” .


She is also known for being the host of MNN Channel’s  “The Starlite Show”  and  “Buzz60” , where she creates content for news portals like USA Today, TIME and People.


Maria Mercedes starred in the film  “Suddenly, Banana”  which is currently participating in festivals worldwide.

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Freddie won the prestigious Best Actor award at the Indie Fest Film Awards, 2017. The award was for his portrayal of the lead role of Jimmy in multi-award winning New York drama Luna Park. It won the Viewers Choice Award at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. 


He also played the role of Jason Ainsworth in the critically acclaimed American drama “Heather’s Painting.” The film won over 30 international major awards, including Best Ensemble at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival and Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, 2017. 


He starred opposite Dexter Fletcher and Jamie Foreman as the main character of Danny in Studio Canal Plus’ feature film Baseline. The film won Best Feature at the New York City International Film Festival in 2010. MOBO Film Review said “Great acting from Freddie Connor.” The London Insider said “Talent to watch: Unknown star Freddie Connor.” 


In 2006, Freddie played one of the main villains in the critically acclaimed feature film GYPO. Lions Gate Films released it and the film was hailed as “one of the best British films of the year” by The Scotsman. 

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Michael F. Toomey Is a New York Based actor/creator. He lives in Brooklyn NY with his wife Sarah and son August where he is the co-artistic director for The Humanist Project.


He has been a Shakespeare & Company member since 1998 and is a founding member of Split Knuckle Theatre, which devises new works of theatre and currently tours its hit show Endurance throughout the world, performing in Bangkok, Athens, and Paris.


He directs, devises and choreographs shows throughout the country including Titus, Julius Caesar and Alice In Wonderland. Credits include Shakespeare & Company An Iliad (The Poet) Macbeth (Title role), Scapin (Title Role), and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Puck) The Humanist Project Francis Goes To War (Francis) Split Knuckle Theatre Endurance (Walter) The Pearl (The Doctor).


He is a graduate from LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts) and holds an MFA in Lecoq-based theatre from Naropa University.

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Astante James from Queens, N.Y., trained at the New England Arts Theater and the Playbox Theatre in Connecticut. His private study included classes with well-respected coaches; namely, Reno Venturi, Patricia Hart, and Doreen Frumkin. Mr. James has broad experience in film, television, theater and commercials. 


Astante had a leading role in the film Rev (Micah Shaw Productions), and was featured in College Road Trip (Double Dutch Productions). He had a guest appearance in hit television series Celebrity Ghost Stories (Jarrett Creative Group), where he performed the role of Marlon Jackson alongside Jerry Stiller and Joan Rivers.


Astante's theater performances included Charlie Brown, where he played the role of Linus at Mattatuck Museum. At Kaynor Theatre, he was featured as Sonny in Grease and as The Lion in The Wiz.


Astante is widely recognized to audiences through his lottery commercial, which aired during the XLI Super Bowl (2007). (CBS' broadcast of the game was watched by an estimated average of 93.2 million viewers, making it at the time the fifth most-watched program in U.S. television history.) Astante is thrilled to be playing the visceral role of Byron in Nectar.


Gabriel Wayne is a Bay Area native, based in Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in the rich multicultural heritage of Berkeley, California, Gabriel gravitated towards radio and dance early on, performing as a lead male dancer in a memorable Berkeley High Afro-Haitian dance performance that contributed greatly to his onstage experience.


He has lived in Paris and London before coming to New York City to pursue the activity that makes him feel the most alive-acting. His training includes workshops at RADA, in depth training at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York, as well as most recently, the Intensive training at Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, Massachusetts. He is a member of SAG AFTRA and Actors Equity.


Some of the projects and collaborations that have inspired him are: playing Dr. Hitz in the Sci-Fi short film 2BR02B, reenacting war scenes for a World War I statue memorial, playing the lead in the French comedic play, Cuisine et Dépendances, and the open collaboration with fellow actors Josh and Paul-Emile.


Gabriel is interested in the creation of art and stories exploring the intersections and chaotic mixtures of cultural diversity, love in its many imperfect forms, and truthful expressions of the present moment.